Not liking this shit~

How could I possibly feel like I am near death? From doing what? Nothing, not a god damn thing…pisses the fuck out of me…yes, I’m bitching, ranting, raving….ughhhh

Okay, let’s be fair, went out to lunch…but fuck my ass…well…no don’t fuck my ass…how could that wear the shit out of me….it’s not like I went to a different country, or state or city…just here in town, a few miles down the road…and I get home and want to die, yeah really, the boys thankfully have a fucked up summer schedule so they are sleeping randomly, I got home, it was quiet so I said fuck it, and went to bed too. Have not cooked for them today, I don’t know what they’ve had to eat, I’m not terribly worried either, I’m sure they’ve managed….but deep down there is a pang of guilt.

I slept, got up and watched Funny People with Adam Sandler…man that was a long ass movie…enjoyed it…but still with potty breaks it was even longer…lol.

gotta love Adam Sandler

Got cookies baking. need cookies


Stupidity knows no bounds

Last night while skyping with my friend Tracy, she alerted me to a comment on her blog about me. In essence this moron had the ability to cure me of my scoliosis, and better yet, he could do it over the phone. Like I’m really just going to pick up the phone and call a kid out who knows where and¬†believe he has the cure. Where do this people come from? What makes them tick that way? How do they come to believe that they can blow on someone’s feet and make a leg grow a couple of inches? What are they smoking? I want some funny stuff to smoke too…but that could be dangerous…can you imagine the stupidity that would come out of my mouth if I smoked anything funny, as it is I can spew stupidity without any help. You can go here and read all about it…. click here>>>> Living with scoliosis

***No disrespect intended***

You just can’t make this shit up.

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