At least he was a bit chubby~

So today was the big day, I finally got to do my aquatic therapy…I’ve been looking forward to starting PT, but my body is not quite ready for the conventional PT so I’m starting out in the water. Yesterday I went in for my evaluation and that was a painful ordeal in itself, why must they insist on seeing me in pain, can’t they take my word for it. I hurt…fuckers. Anyway it was hard not to be a smartass, despite the pain I was in I couldn’t help myself. Can you sew a button? Seriously?? NO, if something needs a button it goes in the to-go pile, really, who sews buttons anymore? Yes I get that the answers will give them a good indication as to where my abilities lie. But I was wondering why all the questions were related with “traditional” female duties. I held back from asking if they ask men if they are capable of sewing on a button, somehow I think the answer would be no.

I went through another sleepless night, but got up early enough to have coffee, throw on some board shorts and a tshirt. No way would I dare show up in swimwear. If I had a wet suit I would wear that. I was glad that the pool area has it’s own parking and that I don’t have to walk through the entire facility…it is heartbreaking to see the other patients, some better off and some worse off than me.

Back to the pool…I walk in and see a grandpa sitting with a book, waiting for his lady love in the pool, just something else to make me sad. Grandma has someone there for her. In the water a couple of grandma’s and a man….great a not bad looking guy. At least he was chubby. 

The Ex Files Part 13~

She began to think she should postpone their wedding. Her fiancé seemed incapable of being apart from her….they dated long distance, so she had not realized the extent of his clinginess until they moved in together.

If she wanted some “alone time,” he would immedietely get offended. If she didn’t stand or sit next to him or cuddle with him, he claimed she didn’t like him. If she ate lunch with a friend instead of him as she was prone to do daily he would become upset. Even when they spent time with her family, there were repercussions, usually it would be moping and drama when they got home.

His parents divorced when he was 11, and neither wanted much to do with him or his brother. Initially, she found his behavior sweet . Flattered that he was always willing to go with her anywhere, even shopping at a mall, none of her friends could boast the same from their men.  Soon she began to think he might be a little too afraid of her going alone…perhaps fearing for her safety, more reason to be flattered-was what she tried to convince herself with.

She began to feel a pang of unease, she felt suffocated, making her trips to even get a box of maxi pads such an ordeal…her new ball and chain couldn’t even stay behind while she drove down the street for a couple of items, she tried getting him to go pick up these things for her, but would then insist she go with him as he would enjoy her company.

For him and his unresolved issues, every day began to feel like what she had gone through with her kids the first few days of school, the clinging, the crying, the desperation and fear at being left behind and the fear that mom wouldn’t show up at the end of the school day.

It was one thing to give birth to a clingy child, but she didn’t think she could marry one. She knew she had choices to make, live with constant conflict or avoid seeing family or friends or doing anything that would trigger his abondonement issues. At this point her even going to the bathroom would agitate him, he would even ask her to leave the door open so he could still see her and hear her. She was afraid that this was beginning to feel normal and like complete adoration from her beloved.

She began to see herself behind a locked and padded door attached forever more to him, what in an instant could feel like such devotion would in the next instant feel like a lifetime term behind prison walls. Not to mention the constant need to call her at work, text her throughout the day and email her every few hours, if she didn’t reply to his calls, texts or emails he would find a way to drop by or he would then begin to call her friends or coworkers to make sure she was okay.

This crazy train was out of control and she needed off….

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