The Spice Posse~

Ashley~ sensual, a head full of sexy curls, banging curves very voluptuous and skin the color of one cup of coffee with three creams

Mindy ~ another voluptuous and sensual woman, the baby of the group, flowing long hair, skin the color of one cup of coffee with 2½ creams

Dolores ~ also known as Lola, hair in between straight and curly, nothing sensual about her, skin the color of one cup of coffee and six creams

The Spice Posse gathered at a restaurant and promptly ordered their drinks and a table full of appetizers, nachos, chicken and beef fajtas, flautas, quesadillas, guacamole, pico, jalapeños, beans, fried peppers…and a round or two or three of some cold drafty goodness. Music playing in the background and people milled around.

Talk centered on catching up, it had been a good 2 decades long since the posse had gathered, there were several husbands, just as many ex-husbands, boyfriends, lovers, epic fails, jobs, dating disasters…mainly there was lots of laughter.

Cradle robbing Mindy was soon showcasing her irresistable charms on the young Isai, the cute little waiter who was not going to make any money on the Spice Posse..he was soon offering to buy drinks…but he also had his charm as he was able to get the posse to meet him at another restaurant for drinks as his shift ended.

Spice master extraordinaire Ashley can work a molcahete like nobodies business. Proof is in the salsa and her world-famous “Wet Burrito” keeps the San Antonio lawman on the hunt for her and also in her spice cabinet is that hunk of a man who can proudly display his assets…well not so proud, we didn’t get a full shot of the goods.

Lola the shyest of the Spice Posse is still looking to see where she will find her MOJO and no, not the ones with the wet backs and taco hats…perhaps behind a shower curtain.

The Spice Posse will gather once again in the near future, for sure there will be more tales of all things spicy….

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