A light glaze instead of the usual~

So I baked a butter cake and would have normally made a cream cheese icing, but opted instead to drizzle a light maple flavored glaze…the cake is almost all gone…my boys are¬†weird…they kept asking who’s birthday it was…I guess they forgot that I didn’t need to be celebrating a birthday to bake a cake…

I went and took my boy Josh a piece of cake and got a couple of rentals…so tomorrow morning I will watch the Blind Side…I almost got When in Rome, but one movie is more than enough…

Tomorrow I’ll have to go fuel up my truck, get her cleaned up and return movies….

I am totally exhausted and in pain…need drugs.


Monday Funday~

Let the light shine on me~

Who ever has fun on a Monday? I got up early and have been cleaning, moving dust around, swept the driveway and sidewalk and got the boys up early too so they could pull weeds and get it done before the sun comes out in full force.

I got some vacuuming done, have a cake in the oven, tea brewing and we are out of water.

After 5 I will go pick up some rentals and watch a movie tonight…all for the price of a slice (big slice) of butter cake.

So I’m off to get some water and then rest my back…

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