Thought of U & smiled 2day…not because I want U (even though I do) but because I’ve had U~

I slept in today…not much but enough to make up for the hours I was up reading last night. I had my coffee, watched a bit of TV…moved on to make some banana pecan pancakes and then back to vegetating in front of the TV. I now think it is shower time…just cause I feel sticky and icky…that is mostly because I am back to watching what I spend and I need to keep my utilities down. I ended up spending more that I anticipated last month and I’ve got bills to pay off….my doctor keeps sending me bills…so I guess I need to make a good faith effort to pay him something very soon before it goes off to a collection agency. Don’t need that hassle.

I ended up with two 5 foot tall cabinets off of freecycle, one ended up in my bonus/library to be room and the other one by the entrance to the laundry room. I will be using one for blankets and sheets and the other for odds and ends.

I hate feeling discombobulated…normalcy is right around the corner just a tad out of reach…TTFN

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