Going nucking futs~

This lack of sleep business is just for the dogs…I am so mentally dead, I keepĀ  thinking eventually I’ll read myself to sleep…but it hasn’t happened…instead I find myself breezing through hundreds of pages, book after book, when I get tired of reading a book, I put it down and move on to a magazine, or will give my fingers and hands a break from holding a book and paging thru it. I get online and breeze thru the same familiar places….

Yesterday was not a good day, I popped pain pills every 2-3 hours, not smart…I know, but the pain was too caustic…I’m still hurting but today I can’t seem to swallow any pills, I tried, my throat shuts down and I can’t get it down….

Yes today is a day to contemplate a shortened shelf life. There is no way I want to be around for another 20 years in this condition, heck even the though of a few tomorrows like this makes me go into my dark place.


whine over…off to bed….again…wish me luck with that shit called sleep….

Smoke Screen & no sleep~

Finished reading Sandra Brown’s Smoke Screen last night, of course that means a sleepless night. Some annoying tidbits throughout…requiring a good amount of suspended disbelief….too many characters, too much repetition…but a good summer read.

Now I am off to try to sleep, that means I take a book with me to try to read myself to sleep. Good luck to me ;(

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