She still has “IT”~ Ready, Willing & Able

She seperated her hair in two sections and twisted both sections into individual buns, tied them up and piled them high on her head, she found that doing this and letting it air dry would create some smooth curls and be out of her way while she artfully applied her makeup. Once she was satisfied with the image staring back at her she stepped into her walk in closet, she stood there for a few seconds, enjoying the music that quietly played in the background. She flipped the light switch on and contemplated her choices, a dress – should she go short or long, a skirt, again short or long, perhaps a breezy pair of pants and a tank top. She wanted something casual, crisp, clean, something that would not look ridiculous on her, she had begun to consider the appropriateness of her clothing choices, fully aware that fitting into a certain size didn’t mean she should be trying to pull off a trend. She had always had a knack for going for a trendy piece and mixing it with something old and classic, she decided that would be her best bet. She pulled out a pair of wide legged denim jeans with no designs, a tank top and a vest, opening her jewelry box she chose 3 strands of silver chains in different lengths, a pair of dangling earrings and a handful of bangle bracelets. To complete the look a simple pair of flat leather sandals, a small handbag to carry her keys, a mirror, lipgloss, a couple of bills and a credit card, oh and most importantly a condom. Better to be prepared for anything.

She stepped out into the library, walked over to the wet bar and poured herself a shot of vodka, splashed a few drops of juice, dropped a cherry, stirred and went back to her bedroom, she smoothed lotion all over herself, she dabbed some perfume on and began to get dressed. She was enjoying this time alone, no kids to worry about, it was just her and she had decided she was ready to put herself out there again.

After stepping into her clothes and shoes, taking her hair down and running her hands through to seperate the curls she grabbed her purse, keys and began her walk out into her garage, as she climbed into the driver’s seat and watched the garage door open up, she slowly began to drive out into the night. She had previously made some calls and found a small restaurant that had a cozy little lounge, live music and was known for it’s diverse crowd. This was it, her foray back into the land of the living, the land of the sexy people and she was feeling that old power she once had.

She found the place, drove up, stepped out of her car, handed the keys to a smiling young man and smiled back as she headed through the heavy double doors. She strode confidently up to the bar, as she had been walking towards the bar she mentally decided to sit a couple of seats away from the center. A young man immedietly stood up and helped her by pulling the seat out for her and wasting no time offered her a drink, normally she wouldn’t have allowed a man to pay for her drinks, but this night she was trying a new attitude. They made their introductions, she had chosen a name for the evening as carefully as she had chosen everything else.

The chemistry with this first man was palpable, they talked about a wide berth of topics, sports, celebrities, their respective hometowns, family, they joked, they laughed, they soon had even begun a harmless game of making up stories about the different people around them. They found themselves seated at a small intimate table towards the back of the restaurant, a new roar of laughter erupted between them as neither one had even realized how they had ended seated at a table. People stopped by and complimented them, asked them how long they had been together, they told different stories and laughed even more. She hadn’t done this much laughing in quite a while, it felt good. It felt natural, for a brief moment she had a thought, she lamented the lack of chemistry in her previous relationships, and here in just under a couple of hours she felt that she had met her soulmate. She snapped out of the thought, the last thing she would want to do is invite her past failures to intrude on the magic this night was delivering.

They soon discussed their ages, she was a good 27 years older, they discussed the new trend with the ever increasing popularity of the cougar. He explained the appeal for him, the sensuality, the self assuredness and the independence. She understood, she had been on the other side, she had dated older men, the appeal was the same. He made a confession, he had been struck by her as she had stepped out of her car, he had done a quick study, saw that she was alone and had to talk himself into approaching her, he had expected to be turned away, but he was willing to take a chance, he thought he had been imagining the chemistry and was encouraged when they had been complimented, he knew he looked older and was grateful that he didn’t have a boyish face.

She also made a confession, she had not felt like a woman in quite a while, she had put herself in the role of mother for many years, her last failed relationship had stripped her of much of her confidence. It had devastated her and she was still recovering from the effects of a frosty and failed marriage. Her husband had treated her like trash and his many hang ups in the bedroom had damaged her psyche, tonight was her first forray into regaining her self esteem, her sexuality, her confidence.

She stood and her eyes held an invitation, she smiled coyly and began walking out into the night, as she handed her ticket to the parking attendant she felt hands at her waist, he spun her around and tentatively leaned in to kiss her. He pulled her tightly into him looked into her eyes, she felt his hardness against her, he did not take his eyes off of her as his mouth found hers. The kiss was passionate, probing and full of promise, a quiet clearing of the throat behind them brought them back to reality. He took the keys offered to her and went to the passanger side and opened the door and helped her in, he then walked around to the driver’s side and got in behind the wheel.

Good thing she had thought of everything.

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  1. FINALLY getting back in touch after having my computer back at home! Soooooo, fantasy or really back to “physical therapy”?? ;0)…anyway, now I know your hair secret! Thanks!
    What’s the local news there about the oil leak?

  2. Hey Deb, good to see you back….this is filed under “The Write Stuff” so consider it fiction, except for the hair part, that trick does work ;).

    I’ve no idea on what is going on in the world around me, pretty much been doing a lot of reading. Check your fb email 😉

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