Oh no…please don’t disconnect me…

So I have for the most part been ignoring my phone, but then I got to listening to my messages…which was a good thing as I got a call from my internet/cable/phone provider and they had someone else trying to “move into my place” and get services established…whew…I called them and got all that squared away….I wouldn’t want to deal with that hassle…so I had to explain to a few people that it was not at my house, it was my apartment…sheesh…there are many idiots out there working….scary.

I am almost done reading my book, I have a few more lined up to read…some days I just can’t get past 2 or 3 pages…other times I can breeze through a couple of hundred pages….I guess it really does depend on the author, the subject matter and my mood.

Speaking of which…I’m about to head to bed, plop myself up on my pillows and read the rest of the book…maybe tonite I will get it done….

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