A truly WTF moment

So my boys went to a bible study….yes, shocking….well no not really, but anyhow…there was something about selling some raffle tickets or whatnot and the youth pastor/minister or whatever he was, told the kids to go up to whoever they were trying to sell tickets to and use the following selling tactic: “Buy a ticket or I will kill your dog”.

┬áSeriously WTF is wrong with this picture? Both of my boys were thrown for a loop ┬áby this…and I thought they were just making it up…but no, this actually did happen and was confirmed by another adult that was present.

When the issue was brought up the response given was that it did happen and that it was a joke…okay….I get that…but I just don’t think that the setting was appropriate, not that any setting would be appropriate to advice kids to threaten to kill pets just to sell some tickets…especially for a church fundraiser. On the way out, they were again reminded to use that selling ploy….

My kids may or may not be returning to this church, we have talked about this incident and how inappropriate this was…if it was up to me, they would not be returning…but I can trust them to come to me and we can discuss this kind of inappropriateness…yes…at first I thought my kids were shitting me…but no, this was for serious….in my house if there is going to be any crazy stuff being taught…damn it…I will be the one to teach them…sheesh…

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