Big noises…little packages…

School is out, summer break has just begun. My kids have started it out with a bang…or so it would appear…I am listening to both of them sleep…they are both snoring…LOUD. I hate the sound of snoring…but I can’t go and wake them up just because they are making those horrendous noisess.

I have been up for quite a while, not used to having them here, not used to the way things are now, given that it is almost a year now that I have been out of a job…but normally the kids would be up late at night and then sleep in all day…that worked for me as I wouldn’t have to worry so much about them when I was at work…they’d be getting up about the time I’d be getting out for lunch so I would sometimes go join them for lunch. But for now I will get to enjoy their company throughout the day…

Nada much for now…we’ll see how this whole summer full of togetherness works for us.

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