Deep freeze~ and a self portrait~

Tracy so that you can see I’m not lying…I gots more food stuff…

See there is ice, meat, chicken breastesses, frozen strawberries and if you look real close, there are even frozen veggies.

Oh and yesterday I did a self portrait, I didn’t scan it, just took a picture of it…

Self Portrait ~ Ruby Cantu

8 thoughts on “Deep freeze~ and a self portrait~

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  1. i love your self portrait, it’s very expressive. i like how the colors are surrounding you, and though your body looks jagged and crooked, you have those what i think are flowers next to you, and it looks like you are walking on streets of gold, which is ironic since you’ve been doing those religion posts lately. Did you leave out a nose on purpose? I am going to guess that you have a lot of problems with your back and spine? and then it looks as if the whole picture has a silver lining. you know how they say clouds have silver linings, or people tell you to find the silver lining of a situation, i see hopefulness in that silver lining surrounding you. ❤

  2. And how long will that food last you?? Ruby, Ruby, Ruby!! 😛

    And loving your self portrait… There’s your S-spine!!
    loves ya

  3. Love the view of your fridge, but looks like you could use some more! Maybe you should rob the brown bags tomorrow morning before the mail runs! lol (just kidding)

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