Now for something that doesn’t make me think about a bottle, bullet & gun~

Happy Cinco de Mayo if you celebrate it and if you don’t then happy hump day…I don’t personally celebrate it but I am cooking tacos tonite, along with guacamole, chips and salsa, and can’t forget the refried beans and rice.

viva Mexico~ole

I have a nagging headache that began last night over a mindless discussion…now it’ll be days before I can get rid of it…unless eating later takes care of it.

This morning of all mornings¬†I couldn’t get up, I tried and tried and my body kept saying no, stay in bed, so I listened. I stayed in bed until about 10 and then got up and got dressed and took care of a few things. I got my prescription filled and picked up, made a deposit…now I can pay bills…again.

Inner peace~ it's all in me~

I’m reflecting on what I need to do for myself to get back at peace…


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