Whuz happenin’ @ Casa de Ruby 2day~

Nada much yet, just got back from getting groceries and stopping by to visit my boy Josh…Boy # 3 got a movie and insists on making me watch it…Avatar….which I’ve hear is like a love story…that makes me go yuck, and gag, and puke and oh well…I’ll watch it anyway…since I did watch one with Boy # 2 yesterday.

I got some fixings for Cinco de Mayo, we will probably have some tacos, beans and rice. Just need the beer…for me, not for us. They are still babies.

Oh and big spender that I am I hit the clearance rack and got 4 shirts for $1 each….woohoo. I’ll be stylin’…not…but I’m a sucker for a good clearance.

I’ve also found a buyer for my bed, which I wasn’t planning on selling but I could use the money…that way the boys will get something besides noodles. I’ve also decided to sell my treadmill, bike and one of my dining tables…a printer/scanner, a TV, and some other odds and ends. Life sucks when you need to start selling off random things…but they are just things…so chin up…

Well I’m off to be tortured with the boys and that puke inducing love story….gag me….

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