A day in the life~~

I was down for a nap but then my dreams were interrupted by a piercing shriek which cost me 17% of my hearing…I think it is permanent. I think everyone else in a ten-mile radius was asleep too so they didn’t hear…..not that it matters much because for most people “permanent” means the next ten minutes or until being buried by searing lava or suffocated by choking ash… but then I turned around and I woke up and for the life of me I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I finally got out of bed. Then I got all jittery and my head started to pound like the waves pound the shore and not the kind of pounding that brings a smile to my face and makes people wonder what’s been up what I’ve been up to or….and I just knew it was time to get busy…

I decided today was to be a day to get things done. Boy # 2 decided he would do all the yard work, front yard, back yard, the STILL vacant apartment yard, behind the apartment and next to the driveway in the back. I had him pick up all the trash, including the trash that came from the neighbor’s yard. Originally I was going to just go with being a bitch and have them throw it back in his yard…but I just couldn’t do it. So anyways he picked it all up, and didn’t learn anything bad from mom…like how to be a vindictive bitch. I have my good points. Boy # 3 gets to do it next time….oh and because I still don’t have a weed eater I had to edge by hand, talk about fun; at least it was pleasantly cool outside.

Boy # 2 and I watched a movie together, Mr. Brooks with Kevin Costner…then all 3 of us watched NCIS and that was it for my TV watching today. I’ve got some movies DVR’d that I need to watch and clear off. I’ve also gotten a few more items ready to freecycle, including a cookie jar I got at a benefit auction. It was broken (damn it) but I managed to glue it back together…I just decided I will part with it…maybe someone else can make use of it. That’s about all for today…I’m off to read while I leave my playlist playing for background noise.

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