A blur of a weekend~

Something about making plans just never seems to work for me…I had planned on taking the boys out this weekend…I didn’t tell them beforehand and they didn’t seem bothered staying in. I was wanting to treat them to a movie and dinner or lunch…instead we stayed in. My back has been hurting to the point of it just being too exhausting to find the energy for anything else. Saturday I spent most of the day in bed…I got up and fixed breakfast, watched a bit of TV and then took a nap. I got up for a while and just wasn’t feeling alert…so I went back to bed. I got up again and fixed dinner, ate and then went back to bed. Too many sleepless nights finally came to a head and I needed the sleep…I’m still tired.

Sunday…early morning I woke Boy # 2 up and had him get ready to go with me to the grocery store…we did that, came home, watched a bit of TV, fiddled with a couple of things….fixed breakfast for lunch and cooked dinner and that just put me back to square one. I am beyond exhausted.

More like several somethings....

Something just doesn’t feel right. I’ve had exhaustion before…but this time I just feel something else is off….I dunno….

Finished reading a book and have another one started.

I’m off to bed. Happy Monday.

I wish I could have a happy Monday………wishes suck. Especially when you can’t make a wish come true.

6 thoughts on “A blur of a weekend~

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  1. L.
    Just pain, mind numbing…tired of it all kind of pain, crawl in bed, pull the covers over my head and not bother with life kind of pain….it’ll pass. I don’t think it is “back to Austin” kind of pain.

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