In my hood~

bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang X's 4

Last night…or rather very early this morning there were gunshots to be heard from my bedroom window. Four rounds with 6 to 7 shots each time. I was on Skype with my friend Tracy who began to freak out so I humored her and I got up and checked to see if the doors were locked, they were. I had my bedroom light on so I’m sure if there was a mad gunman outside he would have seen me moving around. Anywho after we got off Skype and was headed back to bed another 6 shots rang out. I almost called Tracy back but decided not to as I didn’t want to alarm her. I did my routine going to bed stuff and called it a night or tried to…I ended up reading a few chapters before finally being able to get some shut-eye. 

Early this morning I logged on to my email and also looked at our online newspaper to see if there was anything on the gunshots….nope, nothing. I looked at the police call log, and there were a gazillion (two pages) calls into the local PD with reports of gun fire. 

Oh well….guess it wasn’t anything big. 


The boys are now doing their laundry and mowing the yards…it didn’t take long for the grass to grow….I’ll be out in a bit to check and make sure they clean up and picked up the trash and didn’t just mow over it. 

Okay so I had to take a pause in writing this because my crabby neighbor stood outside my window having a conniption, seems Boy # 3 in doing part of the neighbor’s yard got grass clippings on his driveway and now he is pissed off that he is tracking grass into his car or home. So Boy # 3 needs to go and get that cleaned up. You would think the old fucker would say thank you for mowing that strip, but instead he gives me the stink eye. Asshole.  

I don’t feel I have the energy to go to the grocery store, I didn’t go last weekend…I wish I had Boy # 1 here to do that, I miss him, and not just because he was my grocery shopper. 

Well I’m off now, I have horrid coffee breath and need to get moving before I become to stiff to function. 

2 thoughts on “In my hood~

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  1. OMG… more gunshots?? Tis a good thing you didn’t call me back or I would have your police dept for you!! Dang woman!!

    Throw grass killer on the strip then see what the ole fart says!! lol Round up is the best! 😛

    Hope you did ok at the store! Tell boy #1 to come home!! His mommy misses him!!


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