It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for something you are not~

Who are you?

Hate. Such a strong word…an emotion of strong revulsion. I cannot say I hate anyone, but I do have a strong dislike at times for short periods of time.¬† I don’t think it would do any good to hold on to feelings of hate…so I don’t…sure a day or two I might be bitching about hating something/someone then I’ll get over it.

Love…well that is the other extreme…an emotion that cannot be conveyed as easily as hate can. It runs the gamut¬†from expression towards food to the benign such as shoes or ever more intense, a feeling for another.

Hate me for being a vile human but don’t love me for being a hypocrite. Too deep a quote….

But hey it’s Friday….and that means absolutely nothing in my world. My old crippled ass will be doing the same thing I’ve been doing since June of last year. I’ll be at home where I have no life, where I cannot cause any trouble out in the real world. If you ask what kind of trouble I could cause….well I breathe, that’s enough trouble right there….LOL…

I’ll probably do some reading, I’ve been laying off the TV, there really isn’t much on there to watch…I do need to try to find some movies to record so the boys won’t be terribly bored. Tonight will be steak and potatoes and if I get around to it I may bake a cake, haven’t baked a cake in a while.

I’ve also been back to entertaining the thought of moving…Calgon take me away….

So much randomness oh and I’ll be working on a new short for the Ex Files, this will be different but no so much, it comes from a reader….but chillingly familiar…I swear abusers are all the same, controlling, insecure and just jerks.

And I’m off….

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