Ruby unscripted

During several chapters of my life I lowered my expectations to the point where they were easily met…it is one way to minimize disappointment.

I always started out with nothing…in the end that’s what I still had left, usually more of it than what I started out with…obviously I’m doing something wrong.

Yes…I am an agent of Satan…someone told me this, they just used different words, but their meaning was quite clear.

I just saw the commercial for Booty Pop panties…too effing funny, I’ll leave my sagging ass just the way it is.

Booty Pop Panties

I tried my best and I failed miserably…the lesson here…never try again.

Love is blind…

Behind every bitch is the person(s) who made her that way…

I feel as if I was left out to dry outside…that would be stiff…stiff as a board, stiff as a _ _ _ _….it is not a good feeling, moving around is painful and right now I feel that the effort is not worth it…so for now I am staying in bed.

There is so much that isn’t worth the effort…



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