A piece of my heart is missing~

Last year I underwent two back surgeries that I’ve yet to recover from. I had a couple of aunts take turns coming to stay with me and help out. Even my ex helped out, taking me to dr. appointments and such. The biggest help came from my oldest son who put his life on hold to come and help me out.

My favorite son Bert AKA Coven

He has been such a sweetheart and a wonderful son and an even greater big brother. When the weather was bad he would get up early and drive his brothers to school and then rush off to his job. Weekends he would take his brothers to the grocery store and pick up whatever I needed, he cooked for us when I just didn’t have the energy to bother. He has taught his youngest brother to make his world famous tacos, his one specialty. Last night Boy # 3 cooked him tacos as his farewell meal, I thought that was so sweet. Boy # 1 & Boy # 3 share a very close bond, Boy # 2 is more of a momma’s boy.

This morning he finished packing his things into his car, he waited for his brothers to leave for school, had a cup of coffee with me and then got on the road for an 8 hour drive. I had to fight the tears as we said goodbye, not sure when I’ll be seeing him again. He did call me to let me know he had made it in okay so at least I’ll have that weight off of my shoulders.

My handsome son

Bert if you come across this, know that I love you and I am so proud of you, you are an awesome son. I miss you, but I know you are following your heart. Hugs and kisses.

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