I’ve always been crazy, but it’s kept me from going insane~

I am back from hell…AKA Austin, TX….I didn’t get the good news I had been hoping for. There will not be physical therapy at this time.

Let me take you back in time.

In 1982 I had my first surgery for scoliosis, a Harrington Rod was used to correct the curvature of my spine.

Harrington Rod

In 1996 it was removed as the rod had broken.

Harrington Rod ~ Broken in half

I lived without any hardware in my body from 1996 until June 2009.

Yes, I got screwed~ they are titanium~

In December 2009 another revision was done which included more hardware. The images above were taken this morning, you can see all the screws that are holding me together. I’m sorta Bionic, but not really.

mudflap girl

This reminds me of the image on the right. (the bottom screws)

15 thoughts on “I’ve always been crazy, but it’s kept me from going insane~

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  1. omg it does look like the mudflap girl!!
    look how damn skinny you are girl Do you eat? :-O

    Wow, that hardware looks crazy. And the broken rod….wow!
    You are bionic!!

  2. Honey I’m sorry you’ve had disappointing news …..

    You really are the bionic women and how did you break it ?

  3. Oh Ruby I am so sorry you are going through this at this point of your life!
    My 16 year old got the same gear you got in your 2nd surgery. She had a 52 degree thoracic curve and a 42 degree lumbar. Her dr decided to only fix the thoracic. She now has a 5 degree up top and a 22 below.

    She suffered so much, it was difficult to watch, not too long ago she had muscle pain from the muscles rubbing on the hardware ( she is slender like you ).

    I am so glad you have good sons to help you. Can you do pool therapy at least?
    I hope things improve soon!

  4. I’m sorry to hear she’s had this type of surgery, she has youth on her side, it just gets harder as I get older to heal. My doctor prefers I wait and I am doing my best to follow doctor’s orders….I don’t want anything else to go wrong. I hope your daughter will not need additional surgery, it is hard physically as well as emotionally.

    I’m slowly getting around better each day…it’s just hard to make the adjustment.

    My boys are so awesome, I am so lucky to have them.

  5. I have about the same amount of hardware, but spread throughout my body. You’re right, the older we get, the harder it is. And I hate it when some ‘bitty ol’ nurse says, “You must be used to all this by now”. Duhhhhh NO! Surgery, pain, doctors, meds, all of it you can never get used to, but I do feel blessed by one doctor in particular who cared for me from age 4 until he retired when I was 21. He did almost every surgery during those times and told me once I that I needed to stop looking for the magic wand because it just didn’t exist. Well, now I know, it existed in him and continues to even though he passed last Sept. He’s my magic wand. Hopefully you all can find yours. It truly can be anything. Wishing you lots of good healing and easing of pain. Just remember..sometimes life sucks, but when it does, it has to get better.

  6. I’m afraid when I read this, me too have a Harrington inside my body. These days I don’t feel very well and panic it’s horrible. What do you notice when it broken?? How do you know something was going worse than habitual??

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