I am in my jammies, on my laptop, TV is on, Boy # 1 is watching, he is awake from his nap, me I am just antsy, fidgety, everything but in bed sleeping.

Too many thoughts running around in my head…missing someone, wanting someone out of my head. Out of my heart.

Tomorrow is a big day for me….or at least I think it will be. I’m expecting x-rays and I am hoping that I will be deemed ready for Physical Therapy. I want my life back, the life where I was a productive member of society, I held a job, heck I held two jobs, I worked overtime, I went to work in early, stayed late then went to my other job, worked weekends….and took care of my kids…not my kids taking care of me.

I gave up 105 calories of my Hershey’s with Almonds…not cause I care if the chocolate glides over my hips and sticks on my ass…I just didn’t have the craving for it I thought I did. So I let Boy # 1 have it. See…sometimes I share.

I’ve got my alarm set for 6am…that is too early…because I will probably be up late…hopefully Boy # 1 gets enough sleep as he has to drive. We decided we will get up early and go eat breakfast before my appointment. I doubt if he will finish the leftovers he brought back…but then again he may surprise me. That boy can eat. I am going to miss him when he leaves….but maybe we will get to see him over the holidays.

2 thoughts on “Antsy~

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  1. u gave up a hershey’s with almonds?? What are ya nutz…oh wait, ur!! lol

    Go to bed woman!!! Loooong day ahead. Now where exactly is boy #1 leaving to??

  2. I gave up half a Hershey’s with Almonds, yep…nuts, I am finally in bed…waiting for my lids to get heavy…

    Boy # 1 is leaving to the valley, down south, Rio Grande City, TX to be exact…about 8 hours away from mommy.

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