Three seventeen~ The Recap~

Boy # 2 has been needing mom time and when he is needy in that sense he makes for very good company. So anyways he has been on a mission to find some socks….specific socks, and we finally found them and I decided to indulge him and get them for him. So we headed to the mall and we walked side by side…of course he has to make the cracks about feeling like he is walking an old lady across the street…which in a sense he is. I do have to lean on him and hold on to him when I’m walking…but anywho we made it to the store that had them and of course they have no price on them, so I ask the clerk and she tells me they are $15.00….I’m like “that’s a little high I think I’ll just get them online”, it just so happened that the manager was standing by and he was like “I think they might be on sale”….so he pushed a few keys and the new “sale” price came up $10.00…okay…I can live with that….LOL. So I paid for the socks and we left the mall and went over to another store…where once again Boy #2 walked my old crippled ass across the street and helped me into the store where I could grab a shopping cart for support.

Boy # 2 and his elusive retro socks~

So anywho now we are walking around and he stays by my side even though I told him he could go look around as I would be okay as long as I was able to push the shopping cart around. He insisted on following me around and we went up and down a few aisles, I picked up a couple of pick me ups for a couple of fabulous ladies and had one picked out for me but Boy # 2 talked me out of it.

Moved on to the dresses and found three, each under $10.00 and I also found a sweater for 49ยข, yes that is correct, and no I wasn’t shopping at a thrift store, you can’t find stuff that cheap at a thrift store….lol. I was expecting it to ring up higher but it rang up at the price listed on the tag….so score for me. We then left and headed home as I was feeling the pain by then and needed to get home where I could medicate myself and prop myself up in my usual corner with all my pillows and heating pad.

By the time we got in Boy # 1 was soon to be getting ready for work and Boy # 3 had been properly entertained by his big brother. My son from another mother dropped in and talked movies with Boy #3….Boy # 3 walked over to the movie place and got a couple of movies…and I took a much-needed nap.

Boy # 1 invited my daughter from another mother over and she brought a couple of movies….I did okay, but in the end I couldn’t hang and finish watching the second movie…..

see I wasn't seeing things~

Oh and I almost forgot to tell you about the leprachaun….as we were leaving the mall I saw a leprachaun step out of a trailer along with his posse, I hap my camera with me and took a picture, then a girl from his posse walks over to us and hands me a free music CD, it seems they were a band on tour and were playing at a local dive bar and were out to promote their evening gig….so she says to me….”if you are 21 you can get in to see us” I was like.”multiply that by 2 sweetie”….anyway I popped in the CD in my CD player but it didn’t work….I gave it to Boy # 1 and he said it worked in his car but he didn’t care for the music….

A California Leprachaun~

….and there you have it….a day in the life of me….

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