It’s 35° currently…and I am a bit on the chilly side, I slept in a nightshirt and nothing else and I had already removed a blanket from my bed as we had temps in the 80’s over the weekend. But winter is still here and the temps are crazy, later today it’ll be in the 70’s as it will be for the next couple of days but the forecast also has a cold front coming this weekend….which bums me out some.

I am craving sweets and will bake some goodness later today, a special treat for the boys since they are home on Spring Break…I will also see if they want to do anything today, maybe I can drop them off somewhere…like at the skating rink or bowling alley.

I did accomplish one small task yesterday, I cleaned out my undie drawers and tossed out old booby holders and dental floss (thongs) I know TMI….but if you must know the thongs came as a set with the bras.

Can you say yum?

Steak for dinner sounds good…maybe some mashed potatoes….or better yet being that it is Saint Patty’s Day maybe some Bangers and Mash.

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