Spring Break is here~

Spring break is here….yay….that’s about all I’ve got as far as enthusiasm for this school break. I do get to enjoy having the boys at home with me for a week. They get to stay up all night and sleep all day, pancakes and/or waffles for breakfast and if I am up for it we may even attempt to get out for a movie. I won’t make any plans, plans and I don’t get along all that well….

More than anything I just wish I could get away….I am so ready to make like a banana and split. I need a get away, I need it as much as a crack head needs his next fix. I must work on my patience…yes, that is a funny…so you can do the haha right now. I have been doing patience since June of last year….actually a lot longer than that…but late June marks the moment in time when I became this damn cripple.

The thoughts of suicide and homicide are not as intense as they have been, but I am not in the clear….neither are the idiots that might piss me off and make it to my hit list. Yes, Virginia, I have a hit list. Wanna know who is on it? Well if I were to tell you…I’d have to kill you.

I can’t recall if I made mention that I finally baked the chocolate hazelnut pie…but I did and let me tell you…it was/is freaking delish….there is still some left and if the kids do not help themselves to it I will. I have no shame and I have no need to worry about losing my girlish figure…if I become this big fat hot mess well so be it….ask me if I care…and I’d have to tell you…I don’t care. I have a solution for a big fat ass…fat jeans and elastic…sweats….and big shirts.

some pushing (wheelchair) may be required~

I also have an announcement…I am single and ready to mingle…and I don’t want to imply that mingling means trolling for a man (I have no use for a man)….because that is not what my mingling means. I am just ready to start getting out and about. So who knows this week with the boys may be a good time to start getting out.


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