sweet slumber~

If you know me then you will know this about me…I exist in a chronic state of sleep deprivation. I have suffered from this condition my entire life and I will probably never experience a cure unless it involves medication. I don’t want any more medication than I already take. We are genetically engineered to need at least 8 hours of sleep, but in reality very few of us ever get that many. I sleep for a good hour and wake up, toss and turn, go back to sleep, and maybe get two hours…and the pattern repeats itself. It is quite tiresome and when that is compounded with chronic pain it really starts to suck big fat purple monkey balls.

“Just go to bed early”….that one has never worked for me….why go to bed early…that will just be more time to toss and turn…..and my back cannot take that much time spent in a horizontal position. Last night felt like a good dose of recovery sleep, though my body and mind are nut fully rested we are on the right track…and if I feel a nap coming on well then I am going to listen to my body.

I feel somewhat lethargic, I also feel a bit energized, but not enough to do anything productive. I will probably alternate between watching TV, reading and napping today. My body is screaming for rest…and I am listening.

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