Para Español oprima # 1

I have been on the phone with one idiot after another in trying to get my medical billing issues squared away. I refuse to pay for something my insurance has already paid but these idiots keep sending me bills. I call and I get transferred from one department to another, then they put me on hold, then they take my number and promise to call me back. It is too early to start medicating, but at this rate I am not going to hesitate starting before noon.

I have been up and awake since 3:00 am, I did manage to get a couple of hours of sleep, but I need more sleep…since I am unable to do that I might as well get my paperwork squared away and filed. I had a pile at least 6 inches thick, I’ve seperated everything and I’m dealing with each different stack by calling the offices I need, but incompetence is running straight across the board with everyone. Could it be that it is too close to Friday for them? Maybe I should have called on Tuesday or Wednesday.

getting it done~

My goal is to get everything filed and taken care, I want to make the payments I need to make and be done with that worry over it. I also have an oven waiting for me to put a cake in it.

I have my spreadsheet done for 2010 where I will keep track of all my tax deductions, I am determined to get better organized, no guarantees that I will stay organized but at least make the effort to get it done.


When faced with two Evils, I always pick the one I haven’t tried yet~

Opportunities of escape are coming my way…I wish I could take some of them up…well…some I can probably do…but not all. I think the tide is turning…finally…and that is a good thing.

it's a good thing~

My boys will be getting up shortly…and going about their morning routine…I love those boys, I know I am so lucky to have them…some would say I am blessed…that could be a fitting word in this case.

I still haven’t made the cake I mentioned earlier this week…maybe today will be the day. Speaking of sweets…I found a recipe for a chocolate hazelnut pie…I’ve got the ingredients on my list, I may save that for Easter and go all out and make two.

I’ve been trying to get my housecleaning fairy to make a stop here at Casa de Ruby, but she is being a bitch, pretending she cannot hear me. I find that so annoying, no pie for her.

I need sleep.

I have to work on bills….like figuring out which ones I can pay right now and which ones can wait….feed the kids or make a car/house payment for my doctor…don’t you just love that we have choices, like good or evil…I can’t decide which one I want to be….


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