Up and at ’em~

Good morning and happy Saturday…I sit here having read through me emails…some not all…read my newspapers..some not all….and having my coffee…which seems to be on the weaker side this morning.

I stayed up until 3am reading one book and thinking finally I can go to sleep. Ha! I started another book and ended up staying up until 4:30 am….and I finally ended up with at least a couple of hours of sleep. Boy # 2 is in the shower, I’m waiting for him to get out so I can jump in there next and then get on with getting myself presentable for the outside world. Yes, you are reading correctly…today I am stepping/rolling my way out into the real world…or at least the outside world. I am thinking of taking the boys out to lunch and then grocery shopping. By my estimation I won’t be ready to leave the house until noonish or a bit after…making it rather timely for lunch.

...what hurts the most??? ~~

Given the nature of the books I have been reading lately I am inspired to write a few short stories revisiting parts of my life that included episodes of domestic violence….I will be calling this series “The Ex Files” very clever right….lol….I thought so….it will be an amalgamation of my personal experiences steeped with those of others that I was very close to. The parallels are uncanny in some instances….but the patterns of abusers and abusees are almost always the same…it’s like the same behaviors are either taught to the next generation or there are some secret classes being held somewhere in some secret location.

Okay…the bathroom is now mine…shower time. TTFN

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