Friday~ Part dos~

I didn’t make it to the laundry room, but I did make it to the shower…and out of the house. Not on my own….but with my cousin Debbie. We went and had lunch at Applebees, I had a small Oriental grilled chicken salad with a couple of sliders…the salad was good but I was not impressed with the sliders. I would have gone all out and ordered dessert but after the salad there wasn’t any room…imagine that, no room for cheesecake. After lunch we headed to the mall, went into a couple of stores…found a necklace and a watch…a purple watch no less.

Love~ how apropos~

After the mall we headed to WalMart where I picked up a few other items and by then I was feeling stiff and found it difficult to get back in the vehicle, but I managed….but by then I was ready to get home, pop a pill and crash. It was good to get out but I still have a long ways to go.

I am now lying in bed, wide awake, in pain and not finding a comfortable position. Crap is also swirling through my head, unnecessary crap. I should be living a drama free life but karma is a bitch…yeah I know…so am I.

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