Humpety, hump, hump~

….and away they go…the days that is. Sometimes it seems that days just drag on and on…and other times they go by in a blur. These last few days have beem a blur….and I wish more days would go by in a blur. I am not accepting of my current situation and my mind is set on thinking the more days behind me the sooner I’ll be where I need to be.

I am off to take a nap….that’ll help make the days go by quicker in a blur and whatnot….not sleepy just yet so I’ll be reading hoping I can put myself to sleep that way. Laterz.

6 thoughts on “Humpety, hump, hump~

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  1. I’m in my pjs, with my fuzzy tiedye slippers on, I have a big bowl of freshly popped popcorn steamy and smelling delish! I have a handful of DVDs and I’m on my way… why pass the time alone, why not have a slumber party?

    Kodi has his travel dish in his mouth, looking at me with “those” eyes, you know the ones…. the “Mom that popcorn smells sooooooooooo good, you’re sharing right?” eyes.

    I’ll share some Kodi cuddles with ya, that should fix anything that’s ailing ya.

    (((Hugs))) oxoxox

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