New adventures of Old Ruebee

I had decided that I needed to get out of the house and that I did. Of course I am still in recovery and I still move slow but I can move!! I got up early this morning….did my regular morning routine stuff…took a shower and got halfway dressed, meaning I took care of getting the top half dressed and putting on pj bottoms. I then put my face on and dried my hair and fixed it somewhat.

Mr. Morgan my hero~

Mr. Morgan Freeman (Boy # 1) had enough time to go make bank deposits for us and take care of his workout…while I took my time getting ready. It takes me quite a while, by the time I was done I was completely wiped out that I briefly contemplated calling off the trip to the mall. But I didn’t, I decided to just go ahead and get out even if it was just for a while.

I managed to get outside on my very own and get in the car…yay…all by myself….woohoo. We headed out, found a spot and parked, got my wheels out and headed in to the mall. I was disappointed as all get out. But at the same time kind of glad that there were no temptations, nothing screaming at me to be brought home. I have been looking at handbags but I just cannot see paying $200+ for one. I want a big one, but then I hate that when I do carry a big purse I end up throwing everything in there, thus weighing it down and causing me undue stress from the heavy load. Merchandise was pretty skimpy throughout…so my thoughts are to just stay away from the mall in hopes that soon enough I will feel much better and can make a trip to Dallas and go shopping there.

So anyhoo I am now a bit rested, I will go and cook for the boys and then return myself to my other living quarters…the couch where I will go and catch up on my prerecorded shows. I will probably go to bed early and try to get some reading done. This go round I have been finding it difficult to read, the concentration isn’t there. I believe I have lost one too many brain cells with the surgery and then on top of that all the narcotics….

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