Sunday Funday part dos

So the boys and I left San Angelo this morning at 11:45 and got here close to 4pm, lots more traffic than normal and the never ending road construction….but we got here safe and sound. I was jostled here and there and that hurt, but overall I still feel that the pain level is under control, most of the pain is due to soreness and of course being split open again….LOL.
After getting in to Austin, we checked in, got our stuff out of the car and then headed out to eat. We ended up at BJ’s and the food was good, a bit of a bite on something off the appetizer platter, but after hospital food, no complaints. Derrick got a burger and Andrew got the grilled shrimp tacos, I was pretty much stuffed off the appetizers, Bert got a pizza and I tried eating some. I was thinking I would have room for dessert…nope.
So anyhoo Boys 1 & 2 are back, they are watching TV and I will wait for them to watch something a little less lowbrow.
I’ve got a gazillion emails I need to look at and quite a few to respond to. I should have brought a book….but oh well….the boys are quite entertaining.

☻Sunday Funday

Not fun but I’ll try to make it so. Today we head back to hell….aka Austin, this time it’ll be me and the 3 kiddos. I have an appointment tomorrow morning to remove stitches on my back and I’m sure xrays. I figured it would be better to break the trip down, get there, check in, go eat and then chillax some more. It’ll be good to bond with the boys, share a room like we used to do when we did more traveling.

I’ve been following doctor orders and have done very little but rest and relax. The pain level is still under control, aches and pains here and there, but having just undergone two major surgeries, it is to be expected.

We have our stuff packed, waiting on Boy # 1 aka the driver to get in gear, then we can load up and hit the road….the long, now very familiar, much despised road.

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