Why can’t I wear my wrath?

My Wrath @ 1am~ not pretty~

Like…why can’t I wear it all the time so that people would never fuck with me….my wrath arrived with a seething rage wrapped around it, blood hungry…in the middle of the night. The why’s of it I am not ready to share but I can tell you that I know I can be very effective when I say no during these episodes. I am very effective no matter what the question is….but to then tip toe around me and try to sugar coat shit for me doesn’t work…why now? I am tempted to ask….why are you wanting to do anything for me THIS very minute, when an hour ago you didn’t have the time of day? That fuels my rage, the fake niceties, the tip toeing….if you bring it on yourself then fucking deal with it….yes, both bitches and assholes…I know when I am the one that incurs someone else’s wrath, I suck it up and I take whatever they dish out…..idiots…..there I vented, my therapist will be happy that I have expressed my emotions and not bottled them up inside….well except for the big stuff that catapulted this wrath.

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