And we are off….

blah, blah, blah~

Just finished reading Cross by James Patterson, I need to look for my next read…I’m undecided as to what I want to engross myself in…so for now the selection is up in the air. I’ve reordered scrips, and replied to a couple of emails, I’ve had my coffee too.

I need to go and fiddle around the fridge and make room for the turkey…the thawing out process needs to start.

Last night after spending some time on Skype with my girls I was painfully reminded that I cannot keep my head in the sand as I am prone to do. I am not ready to deal with making the arrangements yet for my next hospital visit. I have looked at the school calendar and it works pretty good, the boys will be out of school while I am in the hospital….one less thing to worry about. The only thing to keep in mind is I need to be dropped off and picked up…other than that I should be okay….but for now it isn’t something I want to worry about….I’d much rather keep happy thoughts in my head…like the next few days where I get to enjoy having my boys around.

Maybe today I will find energy to make a cake…I need/want/must have something sweet.


2 thoughts on “And we are off….

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  1. I’m with you. There are changes I want to make in regard to my health after the holidays, but for now, I don’t want to think about anything like that, I want to enjoy the next few days, the next month, the family we will have around us, then I will contemplate how to tackle my health issues.

    I was ‘bad’ and had an extra piece of pumpkin roll last night, just because it was comforting.


  2. Robin….nothing wrong with having our heads in the sand every so often….

    No cake yet….I’m still craving it, but don’t have the energy to tackle it, the rest….well I’ll deal with it later….

    Enjoy the holidays and your family, sadly our health issues will await us….pumpkin roll sounds good…

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