If I can’t have you…..

Last night I started reading If I Can’t Have You, finished that and started on Thirty Years Later, both case files by Ann Rule, next will be Not Safe at Home, also by Ann Rule, that will conclude my blood and gore and then I’ll move on to the fluff, which I selected and placed by my bed. I just opted to continue reading Ann Rule.

you learn, they're all the same....

Just finished my second cup of Joe, feeling a bit awake, I didn’t get much sleep last night, I tried on and off, instead I read then grabbed my mini laptop and went back to read some emails dating back to September I had not read, replied to some, forwarded others. Before I really did not have much in my inbox that required my attention or what I thought required immediate attention. Tonight if I am up to it I will get back to my email and tackle October and November.

Pay up pal...

Have not seen my tenant, I will be giving him a call with a gentle reminder that rent was due…on the first of the month….

I hope this doesn't take too long...

Shortly I will get back on the crazy phone cycle, where I call, press one for English, enter my account number, my social, DOB and press # and then get to listen to elevator music while I am on hold for however long….I’ve tried bypassing that craziness but their automated system doesn’t allow for that….egads (fuckity, fuck, fuck)

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