The beat goes on~

my blindness makes you pretty

I popped my contacts out, so I’m flying blind here, just got up to check on the boys, boy # 2 is crashed out, boys 1 & 3 are still awake watching a low budget movie….I got my coffee pot ready for tomorrow, flip of the switch, power goes on and that magical morning brew is ready to deliver life enhancing energy…or something like that….

Tomorrow I need to get my car fueled up for Monday’s return to hell…otherwise known as Austin, which wouldn’t be hell, but since I only get to go see doctors I will consider it hell, if I was going there to visit, shop, eat or have fun then I would be kinder in my description. I should have had boy # 1 do that since I had him use my car, maybe I’ll get him to do that tomorrow, I’m sure he won’t mind using my car in exchange for feuling her up.

Also on my agenda will be moving summer stuff around and pulling out fall & winterish stuff out…not that I really need to do that, I’ve been living in pj’s for the last 4 months or so, I rarely wear actual clothes anymore which kinda sucks as Ihave a bunch of jeans I bought before this ordeal…clothes don’t work very well with my shell.

Boy # 2 is now awake…and coming in here to terrorize me, got to love these boys. I will need to send them out for milk tomorrow morning, I feel like making french toast, I’m sure they will enjoy that.

Well I don’t have much to report…I gave up on getting any idiots on the phone, I’ll work on that again next week, I lost the motivation after getting my mail and looking at a bill for $10,000+  for one of my doctors….guess now I know where my 401K is going….sheesh what next….

Happy thoughts…I made cake, cake was good, is good, I didn’t eat it all…yet…tomorrow I will work on it….good night my peeps & peepettes.


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