Listless @ 2ish am…Happee Frydey

Howdy my peeps & peepettes~

Good morning my peeps and peepettes, I’m awake…brilliant observation,how else could I be tapping away on my keyboard….anyhoo…thoughts come and go…hate that…but oh well it is how my mind works, or not….but I was berating myself for hitting send and putting my feelings on my sleeve or rather on the body of an email…crap happens…to me…but that is because I make crap happen.

I’ve been doing some reading, electronic in nature as I still haven’t got any new books. My friend Laurie sent me some links so I will be reading those blogs (thanks Ms Laurie).

Later today I will be playing phone tag, but I am tired of being the tagger, I will just make a big pain of myself and keep calling until I get an actual idiot on the phone, not that I want to talk to an idiot, but I’ll take whatever I can get.

For so long…you and me….and then me and you….and then nada, zip, zilch….watch it and see….I’m also checking out Denison online….not sure when I’ll be able to check it out in person…but it is in my bucket list…hey I just started a bucket list….okay, well I am off maybe I can read myself to sleep….

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