Tuesday’s MissAdventures~

Brrrrrr....makes for perky tata's

I got up at 5am, piddled around until 5:45 and then woke up the boys, it was a chilly 31º outside, which could be felt in my room since I sleep with my windows open. The rest of the house thankfully was not freezing, I would have had to flog myself with a wet noodle if I had been freezing my boys. Mind you I have gotten myself used to sleeping with the hum of at least 3 fans on the highest setting to drown out all other noices…so yeah it was a bit brrr in my room. I do not have the physical strength to close or open any of the windows, it is an older house and the windows stick…so I have to remember to get the boys to either open or close them for me…cripplehood sucks ass and purple monkey balls.

~~hehe balls hehe~

I need to invest in electric blankets, due to the joblessness situation and zero income coming in I already know we will not be running the heater…I was looking online and the reviews for the blankets I looked up don’t sound good, must be the same brand I purchased a few years back…they are not very sturdy, they unravelled and the heating elements were too spotty to provide enough warmth. I may need to take a trip to Sears and see what they have.

Freaking idiots~

Spent a couple of hours and the phone on hold with idiots….well waiting on idiots…who never came on…eventually I was able to leave messages on their voicemail…now I have to wait for them to call me back, and hope I don’t forget why I called them. I have notes on my desk along with piles or documents that I must keep handy for reference when any of the idiots I’ve left messages decides to call on me….

Today I will make beef and cabbage soup, the boys love cabbage soup so that is what they will get….maybe some cookies to go with that, and for sure a salad.

Tomorrow I have an appointment, out of town…again, the thought of the 7.5 to 8 hours on the road are paining me to think about them….along with having to have my son take time off from work to drive me there. Again, being a useless cripple sucks ass and big purple monkey balls, I don’t recommend or wish this on anyone…yet for some reason I still cannot get it out of my head that at least one sick bastard out there gets a thrill knowing I am finally suffering for whateverthefuckididalifetimeago….yeah paranoid much….

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