I don’t have an alibi…


My life doean't fit in a box My life doesn’t fit in a box

Good thing I don’t need one, if I did I would be in some deep caca poo….I’ve spent all day long digging for the last 15 years of my life….I don’t even remember yesterday, if I wasn’t on here recording my doings I’d be clueless, I sure wish I had a blog/journal that covered the last 15 years. I am not good with dates, birthdays, anniversaries and such…but I am having to come up with wedding dates, divorce dates…ha, guess the jokes on me…love ’em and leave ’em…and try to forget everything in between….then here I am looking for DOB’s, Socials….tax returns….I’m sore, brain-dead, cranky and tired….and I’ve yet to locate a couple of years….oh and also DR visits, dates, details…

Anyhoo I will need all of the above tomorrow…sure, no problem…I can do it….


I've got it covered.... I’ve got it covered….

 And my give away pile grows and grows…I’ve yet to call my freecycle friend to come and take what she wants, whatever else is left over I’ll post…the good thing about seeing the pile grow is that I am motivated to get rid of more stuff. Out with the old and in with the new….well not so true, I have no intentions of buying anything anytime soon…duh, I would need money….well there is also plastic…but have to be careful with that, I was reading about how Citi had cancelled Mastercards….can’t have that happening…I’d be totally screwed if that were to happen….

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