Daily Activity Report~Friday 10.16.09

I’ve had my coffee, met the drama quota, took a shower, weighed myself (I’ve lost 5 pounds). This morning sickness cracker and water diet works wonders.

Quota exceeded
Quota exceeded

I’ve read my newspapers, a few blogs, emails and status updates.

Read, read, read...
Read, read, read...

Visited my social networking sites.

Been here...and there..and everywhere...
Been here...and there..and everywhere...

I’ll be ingesting a narcotic in a few and hope for blissful oblivion. I don’t want to be here today.

Zen~ gotta find you...
Zen~ gotta find you...

I will/may update my daily activities throughout the day. Doubtfully anything super exciting will happen. I may just provide you with a list of the mindless entertainment I watch throughout the day…then you can sit there and play armchair analyst and try to figure me out.

My panties are in a wad...in my drawer....
My panties are in a wad...in my drawer....

3 thoughts on “Daily Activity Report~Friday 10.16.09

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  1. Ha, your day sounds as exciting as mine. I am pretty much stuck at home.

    The few friends I have do not understand how hard it is for me to get out. I have been reading your blog for a while now, it makes me laugh on the days I really need a laugh.

  2. Why the morning sickness? The drugs are making you sick? I hope you feel somewhat better today. We need you here today and tomorrow. Love you…..

  3. I’m not sure, I hope I’m not coming down with anything else. I don’t have the energy to be sick. Thanks SIL, love you too.

    I’m going back to my spot on the couch, just finished killing a couple of brain cells. (w/ the tv, not pot)

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