Sleepless in San Angelo

The rest of the world sleeps, except for me and my weirdo neighbor, I’ve heard him coming & going at odd hours…I read a little from a couple of books, turned off lights, TV and puter and tried sleeping. It didn’t happen. The boys will be up in a few minutes and the morning sounds of getting ready for school will be heard.

Thunderstorms are in the forecast, I’m hoping for rain aand sleep….why do ZZZ’s have to be so elusive?

I think I’ll get up and fix breakfast for the boys and have me some coffee.

2 thoughts on “Sleepless in San Angelo

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  1. Hi, I read both your October 7 entries. No wonder you can’t sleep. My human had a knee replacement a while ago so I know what you humans go through when they do carpenter work on your bods. I can identify with the Soduku puzzles; my human works them and I sneak one every time I can. (I do better than him) If your boys are a problem while your rehabing, borrow a dog training collar from a friend and install on the most troublesome. The others will fall in line. Just kidding. If you can use some laughs come visit me at and read some of my posts like “Hand Shake or Butt Sniff”

  2. I’m lucky to have troublesome kids, they are truly exceptional boys….but I do know a few humans that could benefit from a dog training collar. Thanks for stopping by.

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