Sunday funday

806-IrritatedI survived the wall, barely…I had to hurry out of there due to the pain. I got home and took a magical little pain pill and waited for it to kick in, I hate the grogginess and fogginess that comes with it. Watched another stupid movie with the boys, it was supposed to be a horror movie but ended up being funny unintentionally so. Title: “The Happening” and it was so not happening….I am so exhausted, pained, and irritated…I feel like a nap but then I don’t. I’d rather sleep at night…I’m cranky and yelling at the boys…hate doing that…it’s like a switch was flipped….I got them doing errands, and I guess they are going to go to the park…I just cleared the house with my crankass….maybe I’ll take a nap….funday….okay, maybe later…

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