My did do’s and not dids~

  1. Call Dr’s office again…only to wait a day or two for the asshats to call me back. Not in the mood to fuck w/ anyone today!
  2. Call insurance asshats again and be jerked around some more. Ditto ↑
  3. Call food service director and reapply for school lunches. Done~ free lunch & breakfast for the next 90 days…this is a ginormous help, I won’t feel bad if I can’t afford to feed them at home, better tell them to not pass up their lunch.
  4. Try to find energy & motivation. Found enough to get me out of the house and do # 3 and half of # 5.
  5. If above are located, make trip to bank and pharmacy.
  6. Gather additional items to freecycle. May try to find a few more things and at least fill up the sack.
  7. Look for specific items for specific individual in need. → Need some of # 4 for this, maybe tomorrow.
  8. Sleep. I effing wish for it, but pain is not conducive to sleep. Drugs aren’t helping.
  9. Rest.
  10. Hope to eliminate pain. bullets anyone?  No luck here, kids are lucky we don’t have a gun in the house, if we did they would be bastards today. Not having a good day at all.

Ringing up the a$$hat$~

Today will start week 3 of battling with the fuckt@rd$ who are just making my life a nightmare. I didn’t push for extras such as a walker or wheelchair, instead I opted to aquire those on my own. I haven’t pushed for much of anything. Now I feel backed up in a corner and I’m not sure how the end will play out. I have lost my disability payments, the last check was for $169.00. With kids at home, a mortgage to pay, utilities, full price school lunches for 2 boys, hospital bills, dr bills, groceries, full price insurance premiums, vehicle insurance and the list goes on….and at this point it appears that payments were suspended over the wording on the dr. notes submitted to my insurance company. But I can’t make out who is jerking me around more. The dr’s office assures me the paperwork indicated I was not yet to return to work, the insurance company gives me a long list of tests performed at the dr’s office indicating I only had a 10 pound lifting restriction. WTF I wasn’t examined at all. I was xrayed and then waited for the Dr to come in and stand in front of me looking to me for answers. I’m at the point of just saying release me to return to work. I’ll figure out how to get to work and operate under the influence of narcotics for as long as it will take to have my position terminated. I am thankful that the weather is getting cooler which means we can save on our electric bill. Next thing I’ll restrict will be water, maybe limit showering to 5 minutes 3 times a week. Obviously I am not ready to give up the luxury of having internet access or cable TV. I do have my priorities somewhat skewed.

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