Coasting to sleep~

Reading a new book, meant to read it to put myself to sleep but that didn’t work, I breezed past 150 pages in as little as 20 minutes, I ended up- up and out of bed a few more times, got back in bed, read some more, put that book down as I knew if I kept reading it I wouldn’t put it down until I finished it. I grabbed another book I had started earlier and finished that one instead. I will finish reading the other one tonight. I have a few books I need to gather and bag along with some clothes I have intended for freecycle. Still debating whether I should hit the road or not, mentally I need to get away, physically I don’t know if I should put myself through it or not. Financially it is another matter….if I get away will I end up spending my time away in pain and too exhausted to enjoy my time away? Lately I’ve been experiencing a different kind of pain, I will have to put up with it over the weekend, I do need to refill my scrip, I’m about out and have my last refill, I should have called in for something different….just wish life would settle down to some kind of normal, I fear my sanity is leaving me, did I ever have sanity, I don’t know anymore, at least not right now I don’t know.

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