Carried away…

Whine & Cheese~cre to join me?
Whine & Cheese~care to join me?


It’s not true that life is one damn thing after another. It’s the same damn thing over and over…some people genuinely fail to recognize that they have character faults which they condemn in others. (Except for me, I see mine all the time…or they get pointed out for me)  People understand vices which they are struggling to overcome or have overcome in the past. Efforts to get other people to overcome such vices may be sincere…but the thought of standing in front of a mirror just doesn’t seem to gel…why is that…who knows…it just is….hypocrisy certainly greases the wheels of life, it may also corrode the well-being of those people who are continually forced to make use of it day after day, you say the opposite of what you feel if you grovel before what you dislike… I think I have violated my thoughts with impunity…that’s why nothing makes sense sometimes…I’ve had the thought of discontinuing a portion of my life, but that would only mean I lost the battle, which was never declared publicly, so instead I will continue on as I have and I’ll do what I do best.

On another note….

Yesterday I got carried away in voicing some needs…they should be considered wants, but currently they are not monetarily feasible I could probably do the ice cream, but know better than to give in to that temptation. As for the tree limbs, I had a thought and that is to weigh the option of having a “professional” give me a quote or check with my son who works with a “professional” and see if buying the equipment is cheaper than paying the “pro”. Also my own son may be able to undertake the task….so there is a possible solution…should have done that forward thinking, but instead I gave free rein to my whining.

I have dreaded phone calls to make to my insurance company again…and I’m putting that off, I get a migraine and homicidal thoughts just thinking of calling.

See I did it again…it’s like a sickness, I just can’t stop myself…lol

Know what I need?

I need you....
I need you....

I find myself in need ~ I hate being in need…here’s what I need~~ I need an air filter for my truck…and those damn cabinet doors that I PAID to get fixed but weren’t….that one there still  irks me….I also need some tree limbs cut, as much as I’d like to not give a shit about my neighbor I feel bad that his car gets that sticky stuff falling on his car and I know it comes from my trees, it also falls on my sons car and he is now parking in back. It would be great if I could afford a carport for the front, then I could also park in front where it would be easier for me. I also need hand rails….LOL…need, need, need…maybe these are more wants than needs…might as well throw this one in there, I need a bucket of butter pecan ice cream…from HEB please…Creamy Creations no less….I also need to lose my appetite again, I was doing very well there and had lost some weight, but my appetite is back and I’m eating and gaining…talking about needs is never good…at least it isn’t for me….

Mar Adentro~

Mar Adentro
Mar Adentro

I caught this movie on HBO a few days ago, it was midway into the movie and I sat there and watched a few minutes, despite the subtitles I was captivated by the storyline and went back to the guide and found the next airing of it, I set it to record. Yesterday I started to watch it and it is a beautiful film…I dislike subtitles as I find myself reading the subtitles and finding that for the most part they are off from the actual lines being uttered by the actors, I find that highly annoying. There was one character  José who was speaking a different language, not sure if it was French so in those instances the subtitles helped…anyhoo I thoroughly enjoyed the film, it was quite thought provoking and well acted. I know that if I was to ever take up a crusade I would support the end of life debate, I know it arises strong feelings for many individuals especially on a religious standpoint, but it is my personal opinion and belief that life without dignity is no way to live. I have newfound respect for the actor Javier Bardem, he was very charismatic in this role, very much like the man behind this true story.

Two of the most talented figures in contemporary Spanish cinema — actor Javier Bardem and director Alejandro Amenábar — collaborate for this powerful drama, based on a true story. Ramón Sampedro  was a fisherman and part-time poet who, at the age of 26, suffered an accident while diving that left him a bedridden quadriplegic. Now 54, Ramón must depend on his family to survive — his macho brother José (Celso Bugallo), José’s wife, Manuela (Mabel Rivera), and their son, Javi (Tamar Novas). While grateful to his family and friends for their help, Ramón was always an active person, and as the years wore on, he has come to see his life as frustrating and pointless and wishes to die with what remains of his dignity. José, however, is bitterly opposed to the notion of assisted suicide, and Spanish laws would implicate anyone who helped Ramón end his own life, which is something Ramón does not want to do. Through Gené (Carla Segura), a friend who works with a “Right to Die” organization, Ramón is introduced to Julia (Belen Rueda), a lawyer he hopes will help him persuade the courts to let him end his own life. Julia is dealing with her own mortality issues since being diagnosed with a degenerative disease, and Ramón hopes her condition will make her arguments more persuasive. As Ramón and Julia work together on his case and help to prepare a book of his poems for publication, Ramón finds himself falling in love with his attorney, who happens to be married, but while his infatuation gives Julia second thoughts about the case, Ramón remains convinced that the greatest gift to him would be an end to his life

Early to bed…early to rise

Relevance...she possesses none
Relevance...she possesses none

For the second night in a row, I have gone to bed early…the pain has been a bitch, but not just pain…an overwhelming irritating itching, almost entirely along the span of my back, I’ve scratched it raw…or feels like it, taking my pain meds seem to help or at least alleviate it somewhat. But I think in the process I’m losing my mind. For now I’m giving up on Robin Cook and will focus on American Studies….I know very exciting….I’ve browsed a couple of social sites I frequent and they are as quiet as they were before I went to bed.

A while back I cut back on my participation from one of the more popular social sites due to personal reasons, I limited my involvement to just checking out the status and picture posts of family, then I began to notice that all the people who used to post blogs alongside me quit….I used to enjoy that interaction but it had begun to create unnecessary drama in my life…same with another site I had begun frequenting….so again I pulled back on my interacting there. Maybe it’s a big sign from the cosmos trying to tell me I really have no relevance…lol

Well off I go to try to educate myself…and hopefully get sleepy again…I guess it wouldn’t hurt to pop another pill……..nite my pretties

American Literature 101~Monday midday ponderings

Truly theAge of Innocence
Truly theAge of Innocence

So I’m here totally bored out of my skull, then I got to wondering if the early American Lit writers based their writings on issues indicative of their times. Like hypocrisy, incest, indecency, immorality…I’m talking early American Lit, like early 1700’s to mid 1800’s…given the bio’s of some of the great writers of those times and the books they wrote, all would indicate that either they alone came up with the subject matter or the subject matter was all around them.

I get to wondering if people back in them days were as full of faults, lacking in moral character as we are in this day and age. Some of our beloved poets, authors, inventors, politicians and prominent people from bygone eras have skeletons at the helm of their closets. Drug and alcohol abuse were rampant, fornicating with same sex members, yes, I mean homosexuality, incest, pedophilia, adultery…and a gamut of other questionable behavior.

Are we more morally corrupt and then some… than generations past?  Or do we perceive the world to be more so? I believe that all that would be considered abominable in times past was probably kept quieter than in present times. We have so much technology at our disposal, we can choose to live our otherwise quiet lives by tweeting our every moves, updating our status bars and letting the world know we are up for coffee, a day of shopping, a hard day at the office, a drink or two after work, a weekend partying and even our intent to call it a day and go to bed. Is the bygone Age of Innocence a myth?


 I have a guaranteed painful date with destiny Friday…I’m scheduled for a CT scan, MRI and myelogram; a contrast dye will be injected into my spinal canal via a lumbar puncture…I had this done about 3.5 months ago and it sucked big monkey balls and hairy purple asses, I’m already thinking ouch, not so much the needle part….needles don’t faze me, it’s the poking and prodding that has me thinking ouch….anywho that also quantifies as a recipe for disaster, otherwise meaning I will be a feral bitch afterwards, maybe not so much as what I will be capable of saying, but for sure my actions and evil eye…I’m just saying (as a forewarning)…last time they hit a nerve and I’m dreading that happening again, but with all the scar tissue more than likely it’ll happen again…when will this living, waking nightmare end???

things that make you go ouch mother effers....
things that make you go ouch mother effers....

Sunday part 3

celebrity-pictures-billy-mays-sell-motherWatched another movie “Wanted”….another slice of life I will never get back. Fixed dinner for the boys, left them instructions to do chores, and I’ve taken my shower, got another set of jammies on and watching/listening to CNBC. I have my DVR recording the season premiere of Desperate Housewives…I’ll watch that tomorow or sometime…I’m about TV’d out, it’s currently on for noise. I will go brush my teeth in a bit, get me some ice water, take another pain pill and lay back, pick up my current read…which I’m struggling to get into.

I was going to attempt to finish whacking at my hair, but I lost interest…it’ll keep….besides I keep putting it up to avoid it getting tangled up on my brace velcro straps…did I mention I was brain dead..I am…funny about dead, in the background I hear a dead guy screaming out his spiel…yes the very much dead Billy Mays….selling some jumping jack or whatever…I try to tune him out…why won’t they pull all his ads?


Sunday funday

806-IrritatedI survived the wall, barely…I had to hurry out of there due to the pain. I got home and took a magical little pain pill and waited for it to kick in, I hate the grogginess and fogginess that comes with it. Watched another stupid movie with the boys, it was supposed to be a horror movie but ended up being funny unintentionally so. Title: “The Happening” and it was so not happening….I am so exhausted, pained, and irritated…I feel like a nap but then I don’t. I’d rather sleep at night…I’m cranky and yelling at the boys…hate doing that…it’s like a switch was flipped….I got them doing errands, and I guess they are going to go to the park…I just cleared the house with my crankass….maybe I’ll take a nap….funday….okay, maybe later…

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