It wasn’t a bad one, not a great one either…

I started my morning with my normal routine…yes I’m getting into a routine again…it has taken a while but I’m getting there…which is coffee and my computer. I check my emails, check my credit card, online banking, make sure no unauthorized charges are on my accounts. I read local and hometown newspapers, read national and world headlines that grab me and stop at a few other regular online places…pretty boring, pretty routine. This morning I announced to the boys I would take them to the mall…after my shower and theirs. I selected some Capri’s, a white T and my new floral flats, I showered, dressed, put my contacts in, put my hair up and went to sit in front of the TV to put my face on and watch something or other I had recorded. I don’t remember what I watched. Not remembering is happening more often than I care for. Damn drugs.


So anywho…we were ready, and I decided I would leave my shell (back brace) behind. I can’t wear it when I drive and I don’t need it if I am going to be sitting down. On our way there I drove by D’s bus stop, so he will know where he needs to catch the bus for school.


We arrive at the mall, I had D get my wheelchair out and wheel me into the store and gave him and his brother the okay to go and do their thing. I stayed at Dillard’s and attempted to look around…it is a nightmare to really get around, the racks are almost too close, actually they are too close, but what the heck, I managed to get around, knocked a few things off the racks and kept on going. I felt bad because someone was going to have to go pick things up, but at the same time it isn’t my fault that I can’t get around without knocking stuff down.


I didn’t find anything, I pretty much gave up, and so I went in search of the boys. Along the way I had to stop due to my back feeling some strain from using my arms…my ROM is still out of whack. I must have looked pained or pathetic as a couple of guys stopped and offered to push me. That was a nice gesture, and I was touched that they didn’t look at me with pity. At this point I see D so I thank them and let them know help has arrived. We went to one more store and then headed home. I was wiped out. We were only gone for about an hour and a half. I got home changed into something more comfy and took a nap. I can’t wait until I am able to get out on my own and not wear out so quickly. It was good to get out.

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